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Skin Care and Protection

Hand Disinfection, frequent Hand washing and thorough Cleanliness are now Part of our Lives. Especially in Areas where there is a lot of Contact with People, Hands are disinfected even more. Therefore, it is Essential to pay Attention to Skin Care as well as Skin Protection. Because especially cracked Hands are very susceptible to Infections or Germs and Viruses. At deus21 you will find the best Products for Skin Care and Protection of your Hands.

Skin Protection Products by deus21

The daily Care of your Skin is very important to us. Therefore, we at deus21 offer various Care Products in different Container Sizes.

Skin Care by deus21

In a Work Environment that puts a lot of Stress on Hands or where frequent Disinfection is necessary, you should make sure to offer Skin Care Products to your Employees. Skin Care Products should be applied especially after cleaning your Hands, after Breaks or at the End of Work.

Steps for the best Care and Protection of your Skin

When it comes to Skin Protection as well as Skin Care, one should proceed in four Steps:

1. Cleaning
2. Desinfection
3. Care
4. Protection


Cleaning the Skin should always be the first Piority. This also applies to Material Surfaces. Disinfection should take place afterwards. This is because coarse, superficial Impurities are removed by the Washing Surfactants and Disinfection is then advisable.


Just like Cleaning, the Process of Disinfection should also follow certain Parameters. This is because Disinfection is largely responsible for ridding Surfaces of Bacteria, Spores, Fungicides or Viruses:

  • Use a sufficient Amount of Disinfectant so that the Surface or your Hands are completely covered.
  • Rub in the Disinfectant conscientiously. This should be a longer mechanical Process.
  • Give sufficient Time to react, because only with sufficient Decontamination Time can the Effect occur.

What does a sufficient Amount of Disinfectant mean?

With the VAH certified alcohol-free Hand Disinfection from deusmed, for Example, the Hands must be generously moistened with at least 6ml – 8ml. After that, it needs the “mechanical” Process of rubbing (roughly distribute in the Hands and then rub the Fingers and especially the Spaces between the Fingers). After that, you should add at least a Contact Time of 60 Seconds. In general, the wet-moist (6-8ml) Hands dry on their own after about 1 Minute.


Afterwards, you should care your stressed Skin. The Care Preparations from deusmed are absorbed very quickly into deeper Skin Layers (Dermis) and disappear from the Top Layer of Skin (Epidermis), leaving your Skin Feeling soothed.


Protective Products from deusmed form a kind of Protective Film on the Epidermis (Top Layer of Skin), which acts like a protective, invisible Glove on the Hand, for Example. This protective Layer can mitigate or even prevent the Penetration of harmful Substances, Damage to the Skin by mechanical Influences, Liquids or Temperatures

A Hand and Skin Protection Plan

The Department of Personal Protective Equipment of the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for the Construction Industry (DGUV) provides Skin Protection Plans for your Employees. This is because different concrete Protective Measures have to be taken depending on the Workplace. It is therefore important that each individual Employee knows which Skin Protection Products or Gloves are to be used for which Activities in particular Work Areas. From the Point of View of both Safety and Company Physicians, it is essential that a Hand and Skin Protection Plan is available in each Case. Templates can be found on the DGUV Homepage. There you can enter the Respective Protective Measures before, during and after the Activity individually for your Company or Area.

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