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Occupational Safety

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The Topic Occupational Safety is multi-faceted and ranges from Occupational Safety to Health Protection. At deus21, we are particularly concerned about safe Workplace Designs as well as safe Equipment for your Employees. The Protection of your Employees’ Vision can be ensured by our Range of Safety Glasses.

Safety Glasses are important and necessary

Every Workplace and every Activity is Subject to a so-called Hazard Test. If it turns out that the present Sources of Danger are potentially hazardous to the Eyes, it is mandatory to inform the Employee about the Obligation to wear Safety Glasses and, above all, to provide the necessary Safety Glasses.

Protective Eyewear is primarily designed to protect the Eyes from damaging Influences such as Laser Light, Chemicals, Viruses, Radiation, UV Light, Dust, Splinters or Droplet Infections (Microorganisms).

The Range of Safety Glasses at Deus21

Medical Safety Glasses by deus21 in black

These Glasses are tinted black, open on the Sides and are mainly for UV Protection.

Closed Safety Glasses by deus21

These Glasses are transparent, have both PVC Lenses and PVC Temples and provides the Regulations of Occupational Safety.

Where should you wear Safety Glasses?

There are many Workplaces where the use of Safety Glasses is recommended or Mandatory. In particular, in the Laboratory, in Care, in the Medical Area, as well as when Cleaning Equipment, working with a Burner or when working with Hazardous Substances.
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