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Educational Institutions

Especially in an educational institution, many people are together in one room for a longer period of time. Hygiene plays a major role, especially due to the constant contact between people.  This significantly increases the virus or germ load in the air and on surfaces. The consistent implementation of hygiene measures and concepts is therefore essential. Many viruses, germs and bacteria are also spread via polluted indoor air.

It is important to rid both hands, surfaces, and especially indoor air of excessive exposure to contaminants. The Federal Environment Agency offers solutions for reducing exposure and considers mobile air purifiers in educational institutions to be immensely important.

The air purifiers of deusmed meet these requirements as well as the DIN EN 1822, so that you as an educational institution receive subsidies from the federal government and also the state of Bavaria. Please also note our products and solutions for hand and surface disinfection.

New in our assortment:
Point-of-care (POCT) testing devices. Our new PCR testing device enables e.g. pool testing for educational institutions, daycare centers, kindergartens etc

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Alcohol-free disinfection
Our disinfectants are alcohol-free. This offers you the advantage that you can store them without hesitation, as they are not hazardous goods. In addition, it is permitted to decant them into smaller containers, which is strictly prohibited for alcohol-containing agents.
Airing and Hygiene
In all Educational Institutions, whether School, University, Adult Education Center, Kindergarten or Daycare Center (KITA), it is important to ventilate regularly and generally pay Attention to Hygiene. Unfortunately, however, it is not possible to provide sufficient fresh Air in some premises because there are not enough Windows or they are too small or cannot be opened. Sometimes it is also the Case that Airing is simply forgotten or ignored. The more important then becomes an Air Purifier that takes over and ensures clean and healthy Air in the Classroom, Lecture Hall, Auditorium or generally in Common Areas.
Point-of Care Testing
Find out about our new “point-of-care testing”, which allows you to perform incidental laboratory tests in-house. You save a lot of time and long journeys to the laboratory or when contracting out. In future, you can carry out PCR tests completely yourself with our products by using our “Point-of-Care PCR Test”.
Deus21 offers Hygiene Concepts for your Educational Institution

Health, especially in the Area of Educational Institutions, is close to our Hearts because Learning should be able to take Place in a hygienic and safe Environment. For this Reason, we offer you a comprehensive Hygiene Concept:

  • Devices for Air Purification as well as Disinfection
  • Medical Business Equipment (Defibrillators, etc.)
  • Protective Equipment and Protection Masks
  • Medical Emergency Equipment
  • Disinfectant without Alcohol
  • Consumables for the Devices
  • and many more

We also offer accompanying Services such as the Measurement of Allergen Contamination or the Measurement of Air Quality.

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Our Range of Air Purifiers
We currently have two Devices to offer, both of are certi􀀂ed for educational Institutions in accordance with DIN EN 1822. You can use them to cover Rooms up to 150 sqm, so everything from Classrooms to Common Rooms to Auditoriums is possible. A few Details::
  • Durable high Quality Components
  • HEPA Filter (H13 or H14)
  • TÜV- / GS- Certificates
  • Easy Filter Change
  • 48-hr-Replacement-Service in Case of a defective Device
  • Filter Residue or Disposal Guarantee
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